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Retro Video Games Collector’s Guide

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Video Games Store Hobby Games Mobile Kiosk Flea Market

Collector’s Guide video game retro!

  • Techniques to recognize reproductions.
  • Garage sales trick of pro!
  • List of places or find retro video games.
  • Lists flea markets Quebec


Le Guide Du Collectionneur De Jeux Vidéo Rétro Du Québec !
Le Guide Du Collectionneur De Jeux Vidéo Rétro Du Québec !

Do you know the difference between an original video game and a reproduction?

Here are our techniques for recognizing copies and reproductions.

How to recognize reproduction of Nintendo video games?

It’s no surprise in the retro video game market the counterfeits can be found everywhere on Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Alibaba, in Pawn Shops, Flea Markets, on Facebook on Kijiji… But do you know how? recognize ?

There are even businesses that sell them without knowing it!
Protect yourself with our professional techniques!

The games most often copied are rare games, role-playing games, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, and the most popular.
The quality of the labels is very poor, but there are virtually identical counterfeits so that is not the only thing to watch.
The best way to be sure that you don’t have a counterfeit is to open the game with our toolkit available on our web page.


SNES and N64 over time we have seen smugglers who were taking games such as NHL and changing the cassette housing for a label with embossed numbers and the same thing for games N64 change the plastic for the number under the game and the board dipped in the dye for browning.

How to recognize a copy Reproduction of Ninteendo Gameboy video games?

Here are Pro tips and tricks to differentiate an original cassette and a counterfeit copy reproduction of GameBoy, Gameboy Color and GBA ADV.

  • The mediocre label quality is smoother, the reproduction is lighter and back of the cassette.
  • On the label there are not the two numbers engraved in the sticker.
  • Back of the game and some don’t even have the Nintendo label on the game.

How to recognize a copy Reproduction of Nintendo DS video games?

Here are Pro tips and tricks to differentiate an original Nintendo DS cassette and a counterfeit copy Reproduction.


How to recognize a copy Reproduction of SEGA GENESIS video games?

Here are Pro tips and tricks to differentiate an original SEGA tape from a counterfeit copy Reproduction.

  • The poor quality of the label is brighter, the reproduction is lighter.
  • The overall look and feel is much more “cheap”, of lower quality.
  • Then the color of the cartridge and the board are almost all brown in color: over time they oxidized and changed color to bronze brown. But in general the fakes are white in color.


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How to find retro video games and become a better treasure hunter in garage sales in Quebec?


  • In Quebec several municipalities offer you the chance to garage sales for free weekends are predefined for each cities from April to September.
  • Tip 1 to find the calendar you can check the website
  • Tip 2 sites of municipalities that are lists of addresses that are registered for Free sales.
  • Tip 3 there have sales every weekend from April to September.
  • Tip 4 forgotten no sales Community Center School Garage bazaars in parks and churches or non-profit organizations!
  • Tip 5 we encourage you to make the list of addresses that are garage sales and put in your Google Maps to an itinerary and of course to the other at the same time to simplify your trip like this you can do several cities the same day.
  • Tip 6 you need to be in the city at 5:30 am in the morning at the opening of garage sales and have each made up your if it has retro video games. For best resulta demand Xbox Playstation Nintendo GameBoy often the world does not even know.
  • Tip 7 if you are not already too late 1st 10 people asked so you must be the first on the scene as soon as possible.
  • Tip 8 the Apps (mobile) Google Maps Varage Sales, Let it go, Kijiji and others.
  • Tip 9 is still more profitable to early summer because the world will accumulate all winter received new video games for Christmas and gets rid of old in the first garage sales so garage sales for March May and June are still profitable.
  • Tip 10 Facebook garage sales groups and LesPAC Kijiji classified ad site displays advance garage sales you can contact them as soon as you see the ad and ask if they have retro video games and you sell before the sale.
  • You learned something in this article? Sharing with your friends treasure hunters.