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Why Shop at Video Games Hobby?

  • Shop safe is our secure and encrypted.
  • We mention Google market confidence.
  • We are in business for over 10 years.
  • Here no counterfeit or bootleg homebrew or on our website.
  • No surprises at home, no disappointments!
  • Nothing worse than ordering a game and to receive in poor condition.
  • Our games are in excellent condition. Our machine to "re-surfacing" disks is superior.
  • Be assured of the good condition of our products and discs are refurbished as needed.
  • Particular attention is paid to every game, console, controller, cable.
  • Once tested, the product is carefully packaged, posted with Canada Post in less than 48 hours.

Before Video Games Hobby!

From an early age, video games have quickly captivated my attention and I spent long moments to channel my boundless energy. It was quickly became a passion, to the point of becoming a collector.

No way to miss an opportunity to get a new game to satisfy my thirst for playing and increase my collection.

Video Games Hobby mobile video game store retro booth flea market Game Console Accessory Sale Exchange Mtl

Store Kiosk Flea Market St-Eustache

All places were passed to the comb in order to make it new discoveries; whether in a bazaar, a basement church, flea markets, at a pawnbroker (Pawns Shop) or a thrift store.

As a collector of retro video games, I am quickly came to see that was not easy to find these games without having to travel long distances and search all over the province.

To overcome this problem, the idea came to me to start a business to accommodate a variety of interesting people from near and far in these games, which caters to families, collectors, "gamers", the "geeks" and even nostalgic. A place for enthusiasts who love retro gaming and game consoles antique retro or current.

video games hobby mobile video game store kiosk retro flea market


Mobile Kiosk Division

In 2010, the inventory of games is growing, a mobile kiosk was born. The company is "Video Games Hobby» thus debuted in flea markets, conventions, exhibitions of video games, fairs collectors, garage sales, community bazaars, campsites and other events geeks.

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Bazaar Montreal

Division classifieds

Gradually, the mobile kiosk Video Games Hobby in its way. The requests became more and more growing and thanks to this success, the company could no longer meet demand. As it was the time of the classified advertisements, so she decided to add a new sales tool to meet the growing demand of business and thus provide better service through the classifieds.

The online store

With its success in the sites of classified advertising and flea markets the company has innovated by launching its online store www.jeuxvideohobby.ca in 2017.

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Flea Market Lachute

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Flea Market Lachute.

Purchase - Sale -Exchange.

Whose priority is customer satisfaction, Video Games Hobby is an honor to build relationships with the best in the field to provide what is best. In addition, the company has established a procedure that distinguishes it from its competitors and that is to clean and test its 100% products before selling them

Games Hobby're willing to pay more than the competition for the best games and consoles, depending on supply and demand. To retain customers and offer him gifts, organizing raffles and competitions, at different times of the year.

These attentions apart from its competitors and gives it a huge success with customers.

Video Games Hobby mobile video game store retro booth flea market Game Console Accessory Sale Exchange Mtl

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Flea Market Bromont

our clients

The majority of our customers are passionate collectors of retro gaming players "gamers" and families looking for games to offer cadeaux.La majority of our customers are Canadians, especially Quebecers.

However, we also serve the Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Labrador Territory, the Northwest, Nunavut and the Yukon.

The reason for our success!

At the top of his game and leading e-commerce Quebec retro video game, the success of Video Games Hobby has built over the years thanks to you. Our structure is simply trying to have the best games and consoles retro popular at all times.

To do so, we work with several shops, dealers, retailers, collectors, shopping, private sales, online auctions, our friends CCJVQ (Collectors Club of Quebec video games), private buyers who scour garage sales , bazaars, flea markets, auctions, thrift shops, flea markets, pawnshop, Value Village, for we sell!

We pay the maximum for the most popular games and consoles such as Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Luigi, Princess, Wario, Sonic, Spyro, Crash, TAOD, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto , Need For Speed, Minecraft and others. Same for Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox, Atari, Gameboy and others ... We work hard to have them in stock at all times.

In order to be able to offer you the most for your old games, we use EBay, Amazon Video Game Price Charts to have an estimated fair .By result, we control the supply and demand, which is still the most important factor and our inventory is our measure determines our need.

Video Games Hobby Shop Flea Market Kiosk blue roof

Games Hobby Store Kiosk Flea Market Blue Roof

Video Hobby in 2020

Video Hobby is a Quebec-based company on the north shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We are a specialized online store in the sale of video games, accessories and retro consoles, however, we do not have a storefront.

Since the beginning of the company, we have sold over 30,000 games and more than 2,500 gaming consoles.

To date, our Facebook page has over 37,000 subscribers and we have a website that generates more than 100,000 visits annually.

Video Games Hobby mobile video game store retro booth flea market Game Console Accessory Sale Exchange Mtl

Division mobile newsstand in summer 2020.

Despite our success online, for the summer season 2020 you can find us in some markets to external chips, campsites, sales of Community garage area with our mobile kiosk.

During our trips, we have in our possession a large inventory liquidation, the most popular video games, toys, key chains, wall stickers and other products to the community "geeks" retro gamers.

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Market St Eustatius chips

Video Games Hobby Store Kiosk Flea Market St-Eustache

Like our Facebook page to know our transition dates in flea markets or other event anywhere in Quebec.

Thank you to trust us and share your passion for retro gaming as video games, this is our hobby.